second grade year long plan
Click on the link to see our year long plan for 2nd grade reading 2017/18

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Aug. 18

(4 days)

 Henry and mudge


Short Vowels a, i

Grammar: Subjects & Predicates

Spelling Words: sad, dig, jam, glad, list, win, flat, if, fix, rip, kit, mask

WWWs: eating, friends, school, that’s, will

(Mock Spelling test)



Aug. 24

(5 days)

My Family


Skill: Compare and Contrast


Short vowels o, u, e

Grammar: Complete Sentences

Spelling Words: wet, job, hug, rest, spot, mud, left, help, plum, nut, net, hot WWWs: because, brothers, every, then, who



Aug. 31

(5 days)

Henry and  Mudge: Under the Yellow Moon


Skill: Author’s Purpose

Dictionary Skills

Long vowels a, i

Grammar: Statements & Questions

Spelling Words: cake, mine, plate, size, ate, grape, prize, wipe, race, line, pile, rake

WWWs: again, right, they, was, went



Sept. 7

(4 days – Labor Day)

Diary of a Spider


Skill: Cause and Effect

Using a Thesaurus

Long vowels o, u

Grammar: Nouns

Spelling Words: doze, nose, use, rose, pole, close, cute, woke, mule, rode, role, tune

WWWs: about, after, first, said, what



Sept. 14

(5 days)

Teacher’s Pets


Skill: Story Structure

The Writing Process

Consonant blends Grammar: Singular & Plural Nouns

Spelling Words: spin, clap, grade, swim, place, last, test, skin, drag, glide, just, stage

WWWs: little, many, people, thing, when



Sept. 21

(5 days)

Animals Building Homes


Skill: Text & Graphic Features

Special Moments: Narrative Unit

Final Blends

Grammar: Plural Nouns

Spelling Words: next, end, camp, sank, sing, drink, hunt, stand, long, stamp, pond, bring

WWWs: best, found, green, jump, use



Sept. 28

(5 days)

The Ugly Vegetables


Skill: Conclusions

Double Consonants/ck

Grammar: Proper Nouns

Spelling Words: dress, spell, class, full, add, neck, stuck, kick, rock, black, trick, doll

WWWs: black, car, small, tell, one (#1)



Oct. 5

(5 days)

Super Storms


Skill: Main Idea and Details

Words with th, sh, wh, ch, tch

Grammar: Verbs

Spelling Words: dish, than, chest, such, thin, push, shine, chase, white, while, these, flash

WWWs: city, hurt, name, rain, why



Oct. 12

(3 days – Conferences)

Amelia Bedelia


Skill: Understanding Characters

Base Words with endings –ed, -ing

Grammar: Present Verbs

Spelling Words: liked, using, riding, chased, spilled, making, closed, hoping, baked, hiding, standing, asked

WWWs: boy, nice, played, wanted, writing



Oct. 19

(5 days)



Skill: Fact and Opinion


Grammar: Verbs: past, present, future

Spelling Words: I’m, don’t, isn’t, can’t, we’ll, it’s, I’ve, didn’t, you’re, that’s, wasn’t, you’ve

WWWs: didn’t, I, pretty, isn’t, won’t


End of 1st Nine Weeks

Oct. 26

(5 days)

Click, Clack, Moo


Skill: Conclusions

Special Moments

Base Words with endingis

-s and –es

Grammar: Kinds of Sentences

Spelling Words: hens, eggs, ducks, bikes, boxes, wishes, dresses,  names, bells, stamps, dishes, grapes

WWWs: as, more, now, sister, words



Nov. 2

(5 days)


Reading, if time allows: Violet’s Music

(Story Structure)


Words with ai, ay

Grammar: Kinds of Sentences

Spelling Words: pay, wait, paint, train, pail, clay, tray, plain, stain, hay, gray, away

WWWs: children, girl,  make, other, way



Nov. 9

(5 days)


Reading, if time allows:

School Around the World

(Author’s Purpose)

Words with ee, ea

Grammar: Quotation Marks

Spelling Words: free, teach, teeth, please, beach, wheel, team, speak, sneeze, sheep, meaning

WWWs: each favorite, if, two (#2), write



Nov. 16

(5 days)

Place Value & Geometry

(9 Weeks)

Helen Keller


Skill: Main Idea and Details

Long o (o, oa, ow)

Grammar: Proper Nouns

Spelling Words: own, most, soap, float, both, know, loan, goat, flow, loaf, throw, coach

WWWs: into, new (old), off, slow, sometimes



Nov. 23

(2 days – Thanksgiving)

Thanksgiving-Themed Books

Review Skills: ending punctuation; sequencing; idioms; nouns; verbs



Nov. 30

(5 days)


Officer Buckle and Gloria


Skill: Cause and Effect


Compound Words

Grammar: Abbreviations

Spelling Words: cannot, pancake, maybe, baseball, playground, someone, myself, classroom, sunshine, outside, upon, nothing

WWWs: crash, junk, joke, kicked, snap


Dec. 7

(5 days)

Fairy Tales


Skill: Story Structure

Base Words with endings –ed, -ing

Grammar: Pronouns

Spelling Words: running, clapped, stopped, hopping, batted, selling, pinned, cutting, sitting, rubbed, missed, grabbed

WWWs: are, called, have, than, with



Dec. 14

(5 days)

Polar Express


Skill: Story Structure and Sequencing

Friendly Letter

Review of Patterns

Grammar: Nouns & Verbs; Synonyms & Antonyms

Spelling Words: Santa, train, polar, express, cocoa, wolves, snow, conductor, elves, bell, gift, boy



Jan. 4

(5 days)

Laura Numeroff author study


Skill: Cause and Effect


Long i (i, igh, y)

Grammar: Subject-Verb Agreement

Spelling Words: night, kind, spy, child, light, find, right, high, wild, July, fry, sigh

WWWs: can’t find, knew, think, very



Jan. 11

(5 days)



Skill: Understanding Characters


Long e, spelled y

Grammar: the verb be

Spelling Words: happy, pretty, baby, very, puppy, funny, carry, lucky, only, sunny, penny, city

WWWs: don’t, made, our, really, too



End of 2nd Nine Weeks

Jan. 18

(4 days – MLK)


(9 Weeks)



Skill: Main Idea and Details


words with ar

Grammar: Commas in Dates and Places

Spelling Words: car, dark, arm, star, park, yard, party, hard, farm, start, part, spark

WWWs: Review 2nd Nine Weeks WWWs



Jan. 25

(5 days)

Folk Tales & Fables


Skill: Compare and Contrast


Words with or, ore

Grammar: Commas in a Series

Spelling Words: horn, story, fork, score, store, corn, morning, shore, short, born, tore, forget

WWWs: before, or, ride, stop, to



Feb. 1

(5 days)

The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash


Skill: Cause and Effect


Grammar: Adjectives

Spelling Words: meet, meat, week, weak, mane, main, tail, tale, be, bee, too, two

WWWs: how, not, part, those, they’re



Feb. 8

(5 days)

Penguin Chick


Skill: Main Idea and Details


Words with er

Grammar: Adjectives

Spelling Words: father, over, under, herd, water, verb, paper, cracker, offer, cover, germ, master

WWWs: caught, house, bug, sit, time



Feb. 15

(4 days – Presidents Day)

Polar Bears


Skill: Main Idea and Details

Suffixes –ly, -ful

Grammar: Irregular Verbs

Spelling Words: helpful, sadly, hopeful, thankful, slowly, wishful, kindly, useful, safely, painful, mouthful, weakly

WWWs: beautiful, could, line, then, where



Feb. 22

(5 days)

How Groundhog’s Garden Grew


Skill: Sequence of Events


Words with aw, al, o

Grammar: Irregular Verbs

Spelling Words: tall, saw, dog, draw, call, fall, soft, paw, ball, yawn, log, small

WWWs: clock, drink, float, gym, mail



Feb. 29

(5 days)

Dr. Seuss


Skill: Character Analysis

Prefixes un-. re-

Grammar: Irregular Verbs

Spelling Words: unhappy, retell, untangle, unkind, repaint, refill, unlike, remake, unpack, reread, unlock, replay

WWWs: here, outside, saw, there, were



Mar. 7

(5 days)

The Mysterious Tadpole


Skill: Story Structure


Words with oo, ew, ou Grammar: Contractions

Spelling Words: root, crew, spoon, few, bloom, grew, room, you, stew, boost, scoop, flew

WWWs: phone, quit, shook, skate, sale



Mar. 14

(5 days)

Working in Space


Skill: Text and Graphic Features

Words with ow, ou

Grammar: Possessive Nouns

Spelling Words: cow, house, town, shout, down, mouse, found, loud, brown, ground, pound, flower

WWWs: sport, their, thank, trip, truck



End of 3rd Nine Weeks

Mar. 21

(4 days – Snow Day)

Money, Time, & Measurement

(9 Weeks)

Flat Stanley


Skill: Main Idea and Details; Story Structure


Words with oo (book)

Grammar: Adverbs

Spelling Words: took books, foot, hoof, cook, nook, hood, wood, stood, shook, crook, cookbook

WWWs: Review




Apr. 4

(5 days)

Two of Everything


Skill: Understanding Characters

Words with ai, ay, igh, y

Grammar: Possessive Pronouns

Spelling Words: took books, foot, hoof, cook, nook, hood, wood, stood, shook, crook, cookbook

WWWs: Review


Apr. 11

(5 days)

Now & Ben


Skill: Compare and Contrast


Words with oa, ow ee, ea

Grammar: Prepositions

Spelling Words: seated, keeps, speed, seen, means, clean, groan, roast, bowls, crow, owe, grown

WWWs: Review




Apr. 18

(4 days – Snow Day)

Ramona (Ch. 1-5)

Synonyms and Antonyms

Apr. 25

(4 days – Snow Day)

Ramona (Ch. 6-9)



May 2

(5 days)

Charlotte’s Web (Ch. 1-5)


Compound Words



May 9

(5 days)

Charlotte’s Web (Ch. 6-10)


Skill: Character Analysis & Story Structure




May 16

(5 days)

Charlotte’s Web (Ch. 11-15)


Skill: Story Structure





May 23

(5 days)

Charlotte’s Web (Ch. 16-18)


Skill:  Compare & Contrast



Food Webs


May 30

(3 days – Memorial Day)

Half Days: May 31 – June 2

Charlotte’s Web (Ch. 19-22)


Skill: Making Predictions & Inferences

Nouns and Verbs

End of 4th Nine Weeks