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Matt Schreiner
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Homeroom: Gym 

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Boys' basketball finished with a perfect season, going 10-0, and bringing home the conference championship!

Girls' basketball and flag football seasons are here!  We begin our season with an away game at Arlington on January 23rd.  

I am looking forward to another successful season. Let's go Roadrunners!

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I haven't heard if WHA Medical is able to come to our facility this year.  Due to this, you may have to get physicals at your family physician.  All players must have physicals before they are allowed to play.


Welcome to the Desert Oasis Physical Education webpage.
I am very excited about the new year.This will be my 3rd year as the Desert Oasis physical education teacher.I have 9 years of previous teaching experience in grades K-8. I have also coached baseball and soccer at both the high school and jr. high levels, along with football and volleyball at the jr. high level. Fitness 1When I'm not teaching or coaching, I enjoy hiking, mountain biking and spending time with my wife and kids. We are always doing some type of outdoor activity.I look forward to working with Desert Oasis students, and towards the continuation of a quality physical education program.
Physical Education helps students develop the knowledge, fitness levels, motor skills, and personal and social skills to obtain the ultimate goal of a lifetime of physical activity and health. Each student should be exposed to a healthful lifestyle that includes consistent exercise and healthy habits. The physical education program will introduce sports skills and basic game play for all major sports. Cooperative skills, sportsmanship, and teamwork will be emphasized. Each lesson is composed so that motor skills as well as cognitive skills are enhanced. Becoming a lifelong learner in physical education is the programs main goal. The students focus on skill development with activities in partnerships and in games with small groups that allow everyone to participate.
Skill development is measured through continued observation and skill tests. Each student is encouraged to develop at their own pace. The department stresses non-competitive behavior and sportsmanship throughout the skill development. Encouragement and supportof the students is a priority throughout the curriculum. With the ability to work with each other, students can have an excellent experience in class.
The Physical Education curriculum is aligned with the State of Arizona Physical Education Standards. Your child will learn the importance of fitness and will be involved in regular vigorous activity. They will learn to appreciate movement and physical activity as an enjoyable experience.

Some benefits of Physical activity are:
Reduces the risk of heart disease.
Reduces risk of developing atherosclerosis, commonly beginning by age ten.
Lowers their chance of developing high blood pressure.
Helps maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints.
Decreased risk among females of developing breast cancer.
Reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression.
Fosters improvement in mood, feelings, and well-being.
Helps control blood sugar and weight, develop lean muscle, and reduce body fat.
Helps increase concentration, reduction in disruptive behaviors, and improement in the classroom.

P. E. Attire
1. Athletic Shoes should be worn during P.E. (no slip-on or platorm styles, must be closed toed. Shoes must be
tied, so they do not fly off.)
2. Comfortable "action" clothes should beworn.
3. Shorts should be worn underneath skirts and dresses.

1. Students will treat themselves, others, and property with respect. They will come to class prepared and wearing proper attire. They are expected to participate in all activities unless excused through doctor's release.
2. Students will receivedaily grades that reflect their participation levels.
3. Students will also be responsible for any assignments given as homework and for all testing materials.

Arizona P. E. Standards

Standard 1
Students will demonstrate proficiency and the achievement of higher order cognitive skills necessary to enhance motor skills.

Standard 2
Students will comprehend basic physical activity principles and concepts that enable them to make decisions, solve problems, and become self-directed life long learners who are informed physical activity consumers.

Standard 3
Students will exhibit a physically active lifestyle.

Standard 4
Students will achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of fitness.

Standard 5
Students will develop self-initiated behaviors that promote effective personal and social interacitons in physical activity settings.

Standard 6
Students will demonstrate understanding and respect for the differences among people in physical activity settings.

Standard 7
Students will develop behavioral skills (self-management skills) essential to maintaining a physically active lifestyle.
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