4th Grade Homework
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Homework will be given as a packet each Thursday afternoon. The packet will be due the following Thursday. Learners will hand one in and then get the new one. Please complete homework at your own pace. Please check your learner's agenda each night for updates on homework, events, etc. 

  -Students will be asked to read at least 20 minutes each night to practice their reading fluency. This reading can be anything of interest as long as it is at the learner's current reading level. Feel free to make it fit your family. Current events, newspaper articles, books, and magazines (with little to no pictures) are acceptable as long as the learners can understand what they read. The reading practice is the most important task. Out loud practice is also encouraged. 

Follow this link to a cool website where you can practice your Spelling Words...AAA Spell Simply enter the spelling words in the box, click "create list" and choose your activity. 

Spelling Lists to Study

Current Spelling List...

Lesson 10: 
Jose: Born to Dance
Spelling List:
first, hurt, work, third, storm, learn, dirty, worn, record, sore, thirst, burn, cure, board, course

Past Spelling Lists...

Lesson 9:  Dear Mr. Winston
Spelling List: 
air, clear, large, pair, chair, spark, prepare, cheer, scarf, scare, repair, earring, scarce, weird, sharp

Lesson 8: 
Me and Uncle Romie
Spelling List: 
awful, power, sound, almost, thousand, aloud, bald, hawk, south, faucet, proud, claw, tower, stalk, couple

Lesson 7: Coming Distractions: Questioning Movies
Spelling List:
stood, spoon, shook, balloon, tooth, bloom, cookbook, tool, shampoo, put, wool, stool, proof, prove, group

Lesson 6: Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude
Spelling List:
drew, true, cube, Sunday, stuff, bunch, fruit, argue, crumb, crew, tune, juice, refuse, truth, young

Lesson 5: Stormalong
Spelling List:
it's, its, their, there, they're, wait, weight, heard, herd, days, daze, heel, heal, peak, peek

Lesson 4: The Power of W.O.W.
Spelling List: foam, shadow, clock, glow, coach, block, shown, oatmeal, wrote, fellow, scold, coast, odd, locate, slope

Lesson 3: How Tia Lola Came to Stay
Spelling List: gift, tight, sight, bling, shiny, skill, crime, grind, tonight, brick, flight, live, chill, delight, build

Lesson 2: My Brother Martin!
Spelling List: sweet, smell, spent, treat, leave, west, steep, member, gleam, fresh, freedom, speed, steam, beast, believe

Lesson 1: Because of Winn-Dixie
Spelling List: skate, plan, chain, today, erase, blade, gray, past, afraid, magic, delay, amaze, drain, maybe, break