3rd Grade, Mrs. Ayotte

Welcome to Third Grade!


Mrs. Ayotte

Email: kayotte@nadaburgsd.org

Mrs. Ayotte's Autobiography
     I am so thankful to be at such a wonderful school as Desert Oasis! The learners here are absolutely amazing. I have learned so much last year and am looking forward to an even better second year.
Agriculture Tractor.pngI lived in Illinois most of me life. In fact, we moved to Arizona last year. Much of Illinois is farm country. As I was growing up, my grandparents owned a dairy farm. I would love to come and help my grandparents. I would help bale hay, feed the cows, and drove the tractor once or twice.  I am so thankful for the privilege I had to learn how to work hard and reap the rewards for my labor. What I learned has helped me  in my years of teaching!                                                                          
    Even as a very young child, I wanted to be a teacher.  I wanted it so bad, that I became the first person in my family to graduate from college at Northern Illinois University. For seventeen years I have had the privilege of teaching boys and girls in elementary school.  For the last ten years, I took on the position of elementary principal in addition to teaching.  Also, I started a learning center to help boys and girls in our community with reading and spelling difficulties.  
     O have been married to my wonderful husband, Paul, for five years. In my free time, I love to travel. I especially like to visit historical places. This summer we traveled through Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California. Other things I enjoy are reading, hiking, and riding my bike. 

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Mrs. Ayotte's Teaching Philosophy
I believe that every child learns in a unique way. I will work all year long at getting to know my students and plan my lessons according to their interests and needs. It is my responsibility as a teacher is to inspire students to become life long learners in a way that is appropriate for each individual learner through a variety methods.  Learners should "experience" education and relate what is learned through real life situations that are relevant to them. Learners thrive in a safe environment.  Mistakes should be thought of as learning experience that help their brains to grow. Each learner special and should feel like he or she is vital to our class (team)!