How many books may I check out?

1st grade - one book : book stays in classroom
2nd-8th grades - two books- one book needs to be a chapter book  

What if I am not finished with my book on Library Day?

If you are not finished with a book on Library Day, you may renew it! Just bring it back in on your Library day and Mrs. Cross will renew it for you.

What  happens if I forgot my book on Library Day?

If you forget your book on Library Day you can't check out a new book. Just bring your book in the next day and you can get a new one.

What should I do if I damage a book?

Let Mrs. Cross know if a book has been damaged. She will determine if the book can be repaired or if it is damaged to the point it needs to be taken out of circulation. This that is determined then Learners will need to pay for the damaged book.
What do we do in the Library?

During Library classes, we learn about many different topics, such as library organization, how to choose a "perfect" book for you, the research process, and how to access and retrieve information from various resources (online data, websites, nonfiction, fiction, and reference books). We also work on Library and classroom projects. Some classes are reading to younger grades  as a Reading / Partner Program.